How to take a long scrolling screenshot in Windows

While using the computer, you need to get a screenshot of your computer in order to put it in your work file, or to support some of the topics you write, or you want to get a screenshot of a problem with on your computer and you want to show that problem with your friend, as you may know there’s a magical shortcut in Windows 10 that enables you to take a picture of a specific area of the screen, but today we will share something new is how to get a long screenshot (screenshot with scrolling in one image) in Windows.

How to take a long scrolling screenshot in Windows

Of course, if you want to get a screen shot from the browser, or from a set of file names, you do not want to get more than one screen shot. If you’re on the long list, it’s definitely annoying so get a long screenshot, Finally you get one picture but it is longer than usual now how you can get that long screen shot while you are using Windows.

1. PicPick program:

Is a small program that gives you many features such as editing images and adding arrows, or signs, or get the degrees of some colors of images, or writing on images, in addition to the tools to modify the basic images such as adjusting the size of images and the addition of insulation and many other tools Which can be needed by users, but what matters to us is a tool in this program is scrolling Windows, which you will find in the modes of screen capture and once pressed and determine the direction will get a long shot.

2. Full Page Screen Capture Addon:

Is another add-on but it is for Google Chrome browser only. It also provides an advantage that you can get an aspire shot for a certain part of the browser screen or you can get a long shot for a full site or a search result for a thing. There is a record for each screen shot you get, so you can get back to that screenshot at any time in date and image size too. You can try the two extras and choose the extension you want but they both do the job you need.

These are a most important plugins and programs that you can use to get a long shot (Screenshot with scrolling) that we need a lot when we got a problems or when we need to share something amazing with family and friends.

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