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GIMP (Freeware)

GIMP Free Download Latest Version For (XP-7-8/8.1 and 10) Windows OS. The Setup File Would Be Compatible With Both 32 And 64 bit Of Windows. It’s 100% Safe And Secure ✓.

GIMP Download Overview

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open source, completely free and cross-platform graphic editor that’s suitable for tasks as photo retouching, image composition, image authoring and logo creation with a lot of advanced features. It is available not only on Linux but also on Windows as well as Mac OS.

GIMP Download is a FREE image editor alternative to paid software like Adobe Photoshop 7.0. It supports a HUGE number of tools for creating as well as editing images, it takes up little space and installs quickly. It can be used as regular drawing, a high-quality image editor, an online batch processing system, an image format converter, and more.

Gimp download windows

GIMP PC is designed to be augmented with plug-ins and extensions to do just about anything. The advanced scripting interface allows everything from the simplest to the most complex image manipulations to be easily scripted.

It’s a unique photo editor for working with raster graphics that will please every user with its easy management and an excellent set of functions. It should be noted that such an editor is available to everyone, unlike many other similar products that can only be obtained by purchasing at a relatively high cost.

Moreover, this lightest photo editor works with layers in a very convenient and easy way even for novice users. When using layers, you can take advantage of a wide range of special effects. In addition, there’s a very large number of filters with its help you can make your pictures look perfect.

gimp windows 7

GIMP download has a very large number of advantages that make it an ideal option. Among its advantages that should be Highlighted:

  • It’s original, very convenient, and most importantly has an intuitive interface with which you can easily find and perform the operation you need.
  • It can work with multiple images at the same time with the batch editing feature.
  • It is perfect for those involved in the visual arts as well as draws with a graphic tablet.
  • GIMP editor remains available for a wide range of users. Finally,
  • It can work with different formats of digital images.

gimp download free

GIMP Download is licensed as an open source for PC or laptop with Windows OS without restrictions. It is in the Digital Images category and is available for all PC users as a free download.

Features Of GIMP For PC

Customize The Interface

GIMP PC allows you to customize the interface as you like. Widget themes allow you to change the color and size of icons to customize the tools in the toolbox. Modular interface to dock, allowing you to put them in tabs or open them in separate windows. When the tab key is pressed, it will be hidden.

It also has a full screen mode that not only allows you to preview your work, but also makes the editing process easy.

Expandable & Flexible

GIMP is extensible because of its integration with many programming languages ​​including Scheme, Python and Perl. Therefore, GIMP’s degree of customization is always high as evidenced by a large number of scripts and plugins created by the community.

Advanced Imaging

You can easily correct digital image defects using GIMP. Correct angle of view distortion caused by lens tilt by selecting the adjustment mode in the conversion tools. Or remove distortion through a powerful filter with a very simple interface.

Plus, the channel mixer tool gives you the flexibility and power to bring out your B/W image just the way you want it.

Hardware Support

GIMP Windows includes special support for various input devices. You can bind often-used actions into device events such as USB rotation or MIDI controller. Furthermore, you can change the size, angle or opacity of the brush while you paint, combining your favorite scripts and buttons.

File Formats

GIMP supports a wide variety of file formats from the common ones like JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF to special ones like Windows icon files with multi-resolution and multi-color depth. Users are allowed to extend GIMP’s format support with dedicated plug-ins.

High Quality Photo Editing

GIMP provides the necessary tools to fine-tune high-quality images. From editing to restoration to creating every detail. You can let your imagination fly high and far with GIMP.

Digital Restoration

GIMP download is the ideal solution for advanced image restoration technologies. It can help you remove redundant details using the copy tool.

Creation Of  A Unique Art

GIMP gives artists the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique artistic masterpieces.

Graphic Design Elements

GIMP is used to produce icons, graphic design elements, and images for UI elements and mockups.

Programming Algorithms

GIMP is a high quality framework for scripted image manipulation, supporting many languages ​​like C, C++, Perl, Python, and Scheme.

gimp download getinto

Detailed Features Of GIMP

The Paint:

  • Full set of drawing tools including Brush, Pencil, Airbrush and Clone.
  • Extremely powerful gradient editing and blending tools.
  • Sub-pixel pattern for all drawing tools for higher quality.
  • Support for customizing brushes and composition.

Advanced Actions:

  • Advanced path tools perform pencil as well as polygon selection.
  • Selection tools include rectangle, ellipse, watermark, etc.
  • Transform tools include rotating, crop, flip, and more.
  • Undo/Redo (limited only by disk space).
  • Quick mask to draw a selection.
  • Includes layers and channels.
  • Foreground extraction tool.
  • Full alpha channel support.
  • Text layers can be edited.


  • Procedural Database is for calling internal GIMP functions from external programs like in Script-fu.
  • The plug-in allows easy adding of new file formats as well as effect filters.
  • Advanced scripting capabilities (Scheme, Python, Perl).
  • More than 100 plug-ins are available.


  • Load and store animations into convenient formats.
  • Frame Navigator.
  • Support MNG.
  • Onion Skin.
  • Bluebox.

File Handling:

  • Supported file formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, PDF, PNG, EPS, PSD, SVG, TIFF, TGA, XPM and more.
  • Download, display, convert, store to various file formats.
  • Import/export SVG paths.

gimp download windows

Main Features

  1. Drawing with various tools including brushes dies as well as pencils. Moreover, each tool can be configured manually, depending on the needs of the operator.
  2. Availability of the GIMP online version (a version of the program that does not require installation on a computer).
  3. The ability to use layers, enter text, work with animation, convert images as well as use filters.
  4. Allows you to efficiently process as well as retouch digital photos in high resolution.
  5. Great opportunities for writing scripts to automate various tasks.
  6. The presence of a huge number of lessons on how to use GIMP.
  7. Allows you to convert from one graphic file format to another.
  8. An integrated mechanism for batch processing of images.
  9. The ability to use the editor as a simplified drawing tool.
  10. It supports additional plug-ins and extensions.

Technical Details Of GIMP Download

  • Soft Name: GIMP For Windows PC.
  • OS Edition: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10.
  • Language: Multi Languages.
  • Developer: GIMP.
  • Category: Digital Images.
  • File Size: 238.09 MB.
  • Version: 2.10.30.
  • License: Freeware.

Download GIMP For Windows PC

Click the button below to start GIMP download for PC. It’s a full offline installer and standalone setup file that would be compatible with both 32 and 64-bit Windows.

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