Top 12 Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Videos are the most popular type of content today, which is why more and more people are starting to make their first steps in video editing. One of the reference tools in this task was Windows Movie Maker for years. However, Microsoft stopped supporting the famous video editor for a long time. 

Specifically, it was in the summer of 2012 as part of the discontinuation of Windows Live Essentials. Luckily, today we can find other tools that allow us to edit our videos easily. Next, we are going to show you some of the best alternatives to Windows Movie Maker.

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If you are looking for an application with which to edit your videos, you have probably found that many of them are paid or their use is quite complicated and requires that we have a lot of experience in the use of these types of tools. 

In the compilation that we show below, you can find some of the most interesting and easy-to-use applications if you are looking for a tool to edit videos. Many of them are even more professional than Windows Movie Maker itself.

Top 12 Best Alternatives To Windows Movie Maker For Easy Video Editing:

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

It is a powerful alternative to Windows Movie Maker, regardless of the use we will give it, more than walking around the house or even at a more advanced level. And it is that it is a fairly powerful program but very simple and intuitive to handle. It has more than 300 effects included to create videos with incredible special effects and in the simplest possible way.


Among its main features, it has the necessary tools to cut, trim, combine, divide or adjust, pip mode, a green screen for all kinds of montages, many very creative effects and the possibility of sharing our creations directly on social media. It is compatible with all the latest versions of the Microsoft operating system, specifically from Windows XP onwards. Download Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.

2. VSDC Free Video Editor

It is for the majority of users of this type of tool a completely free video editor. It even offers more tools than some paid programs designed for clip editing, hence its great popularity.


VSDC offers all the essential tools to edit our videos and has everything necessary to make corrections, transitions, or apply effects and filters to all types of videos. And last but not least, it also has a desktop capture tool integrated with sound. On the negative side, it must be said that specific options are a bit hidden. Download VSDC Free Video Editor.

3. VideoPad Video Editor

Another of the free and interesting video editors we can use as an alternative to the disappeared Windows Movie Maker is VideoPad Video Editor.


In addition to offering all the standard video editing tools, a tool also can export 4K videos and tools for importing videos, adding audio and photos, etc. Download VideoPad Video Editor.

4. MiniTool MoviMaker

It is another simple video editor that we can get free and can create almost unlimited videos. It is a fairly powerful software with a very easy to use and understand interface. We can create and edit videos without having to have extensive experience using the tool.


In other words, the learning period for MiniTool MoviMaker is relatively short and almost anyone will be able to start using it after starting to fiddle around with all the options it offers.

It also incorporates a video trimmer with which we can easily and quickly divide very long videos into other smaller parts. It even offers us the possibility of indicating and adjusting the duration of the video from the timeline. Download MiniToool MoviMaker.

5. Shotcut

As far as its interface is concerned, perhaps it is the alternative that most closely resembles the famous Windows Movie Maker for its appearance, buttons and the timeline it shows. It is also very easy to use tool that also includes really interesting functions such as adding filters or transitions to our videos.


An open-source tool that we can get free and with which we can easily retouch our videos regardless of the experience we have in this type of task. Download Shotcut.

6. Avidemux

Avidemux is another great alternative when we want to edit videos, although it also offers the possibility of making montages easy. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. With all the options to edit videos or create them quickly, it has many video and audio filters to adjust all the transitions or add subtitles.


One of the drawbacks of this tool is that it does not allow us to combine videos of different dimensions with a different height or width. To be able to combine them correctly, they must have the same dimensions. Download Avidemux.

7. Openshot

Another tool available for Windows, Linux, and Mac is OpenShot. A video editor that offers great possibilities is for many of the complete alternatives to Windows Movie Maker.


In addition to all the basic tools for video editing, OpenShot has other interesting functions such as recording video directly from a webcam without the need for an external camera or being able to edit and export content up to 4K UHD at 60 fps. Download OpenShot.

8. Jahshaka

It is another alternative to Windows Movie Maker multiplatform since it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is a complete video editor that we can also get for free and offers multiple video and audio options.


Indeed, one of its main characteristics is that it has unlimited audio space. Perhaps its biggest drawback is that its use requires specific prior knowledge since it offers a certain level of complexity when handling it—download Jahshaka.

9. Lightworks

Lightworks is a video editing program that we can get completely free, although it also offers a paid version with other functions.


Its interface is different from other video editors, but it does not offer worse functions and features. It is so much used by many people in the professional field and offers us high-quality results. In addition to the ability to edit video, with Lightworks it is also possible to edit audio. Download Lightworks.

10. VirtualDub

If we are inexperienced users in this matter but want to make our first video editing steps, VirtualDub is another excellent alternative to consider. A program from which we cannot ask for certain advanced functions either, but which nevertheless allows simple video editing within reach of anyone.


It allows the editing of large videos and has numerous filters to achieve different effects. It offers the possibility of recording video directly from a webcam and is compatible with video files of the most common formats. Download VirtualDub.

11. Kdenlive

It is another alternative video editing tool to Windows Movie Maker that has many interesting tools and options to create or edit a video with total comfort. It allows using different audio and video channels simultaneously, incorporates a good catalogue of effects, filters and transitions so that our videos are as professional as possible, and a great variety of tools to create titles.


It is an open-source software compatible with Windows and Linux that we can download for free from the following link to the developer’s page. Download Kdenlive.

12. Wax

One of the great alternatives to Windows Movie Maker is Wax. It is one of the most veteran video editors, but without a doubt, it is still a great tool, especially for those users who are new to this type of task. Its great simplicity makes it ideal for amateur users, but that does not mean that it has numerous tools to edit and apply numerous effects to our videos to achieve quality results.


Of course, the only drawback we can find is that it is not compatible with the modern video file format. In that case, we will have to find an alternative tool or convert this format to another compatible with Wax. Download Wax.

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